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Rumah Safiyyah

Safiyyah Home Management Organization (Safiyyah Home) is a non-governmental organization providing facilities and services of protection, life support and self-development to women undergoing life trials.

The Design Challenge

Design an alternative education solution that caters to the educational and social needs of these children between 5 – 12 years old that:
Equips them to read, write and do arithmetic
Equips them with healthy social and critical thinking skills
Allows for flexibility of class intakes
There are 50 children of various ages in Rumah Safiyyah who are from a disadvantaged background. Many are stateless and illiterate who did not grow up with any resemblance of a family structure. They called the streets of KL their home.
Without formal education and good social support structure, they found it difficult fitting into the national school syllabus and to engage with their peers. They are in danger of getting left far behind.

The 'A' Team: SWITCH

Ariv A. Chelvam
Chan Wai Ling
Faiz Wahyudin bin Mohd Awang How
David Brian Leong Retna
David Brian Leong Retna

The Proposed Solution

We want to build an ecosystem involving children regardless of background or status to be part of a children empowerment initiative where they are exposed to many opportunities (education, alternative education, soft skills, etc.) out there that eventually allow them to soar even higher in the future. The only reason why many disadvantaged children are still in poverty or still have trouble breaking away from poverty is because of their limited opportunities and resources when they were younger.
One of our first ever initiatives in building our ecosystem is the creation of EduSmile which simply builds a bridge between educators/volunteers and among disadvantaged children. Instead of just focusing in shelters, we are going a step further to address the inequality to education among disadvantaged children regardless of status or background in Malaysia. We would like to emulate Australia’s methods in ensuring our educators and volunteers are thoroughly checked to ensure that they are free from the registry of perpetrators of child sexual crimes and without a police record.
We understand we have got a serious problem in Malaysia when it comes to education because just about anybody can become ‘tutors’ in Malaysia and without regulation we are putting our children in danger. Now, the only way forward is by working together with shelters, service centres (Pusat Khidmat), NGOs and other relevant parties to ensure our first step in addressing inequality to education among disadvantaged children are successful. This is an ecosystem

How We Did It?

Game Plan

Phase 1 | Planned Activities

Ground work, we intent to meet up with shelters, Member of Parliaments (MPs),
state legislators, professors and everyone linked or wants to play a part in the
development of children. To research, draft, and finalize all necessary documentations
and ensure it is according to the laws of Malaysia. To ensure to get constructive criticism from all necessary parties to plug any holes of our plans before execution to ensure the execution of our project can be as
smooth as possible. We will also be discussing with shelters, NGOs and service centres (MPs & State Legislators) to be able to work together with them so that we areable to accept educators efficiently andeffectively. We are also to meet up with Majlis Agama Islam Selangor to be able to work together with them in getting the numbers for educators. We are also reaching out to people for additional funds as well.
Aim to have at least 10 validation points.
Aim to have at least 30 educators / volunteers.
Aim to have the website up and running or in late development stages.
Aim to have at least 5 of the validation points run by shelters.
Aim to get government’s support and advice in the execution of our project.
Finally, we also aim to generate income within this time frame.

Phase 1 | Actual Deliverables
April 2019 – end of July 2019.

Phase 2 | Planned Activities

Continue talks to getting more validation points in Kuala Lumpur and in Selangor.
Reach out to shelters to kick start Tech.Education. Start advertising and getting people to join our platform. Cover any unexpected costs and keep organisation organised and running.

Aim to have more validation points.
Aim to have website running.
Aim to get as many people to know about
our project.
Aim to Generate Income.
Able to review and quickly correct any errors within our system or constantly find ways to improve.

Phase 2 | Actual Delivarables
From August2019 to end ofSeptember 2019

Reach out to shelters to kick start ChancesMy
Start advertising and getting people to join the platform
Raise additional funds
Development of website

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Progress Summary

There have been little progress for the past four weeks due to most of our members were having
exams at that particular time.

On the other hand, Ariv have managed to get in touch with Deputy Minister of Women, Family and
Community Development minister YB. Hannah Yeoh and her special aid, Madam Ann Jennifer
Victor Isaacs. We discussed about potential flaws of the registry and EDUSMILE’s approach, but
overall, we were given a big thumb’s up for our initiative. They however said any future
collaboration will be decided after our Pilot Project.

For the past four weeks, the team have been focussed on the completion of all the legal
documents and securing funds. Wai Ling made huge progress with the legal documents part and
thanks to her Law Lecturer, we completed everything regarding all legal documents in relation
with CHANCES MALAYSIA, and EDUSMILE. The lecturer has advised to do minor changes with the
documents and told us that we will need to check out the Private Data Protection Act (PDP Act)
before we can start collecting Private Data from people.

On the other hand, a team-mate of ours, Vanessa Eunice got the opportunity to go to the National
University of Singapore (NUS) for the Enterprise Summer Programme 2019. She pitched our idea as
CHANCES INTERNATIONAL in front of the panel of judges and investors over there, and we were
told that we have attracted the attention of the panel of judges. We were also told to submit a
business plan and business modal and that NUS was willing to find for investors to fund our pitch.
We are also entitled for a grant, should our upcoming pitch with NUS be successful, and that will
be held at a later date, according to our schedule and plans.

Furthermore, we have successfully secured additional funds from HI Design Group Sdn. Bhd. for
the execution of our project. They were indeed excited with our project and looked forward to
future collaboration should the pilot project go on successfully. On the other hand, I had the
wonderful opportunity to discuss the project implementation of CHANCES MALAYSIA with
Entrepreneur Mr. Melvin Tong, a wonderful and charismatic person with a lot of history and
hardship in the past indeed. He gave us a couple of useful advice and we were also told that should our pilot project be successful, he was more than willing to invest in CHANCES as well. He told us
the overall idea was good but he did tell us to be alert because the registry is still fairly new and
just because a person was not listed in the registry does not mean that person is 100% safe
We were getting the website in order. We have been pushed behind schedule however, we are in the midst of finalising an action plan for Rumah Safiyyah. Progress on the website has been very slow, and things are slowly shaping up. In the meantime, we finally got an approval to use YB Rajiv’s office as an Edusmile checkpoint. All the paperwork have been successfully completed and we are in the midst of settling the registration process and payment process of EduSmile. In the meantime, we have shifted focus on Rumah Safiyya and we are attempting to revamp their school. A mega donation drive will be executed really soon and we are looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

What we did in 6 Months

Project Outcomes

Our KPIs


- Creation of Chances and EduSmile (add logo)
- Raised RM3000
- Developed website (add link and screenshot)
- 24 applicants
- A working system in place
- 19 Hires/ Volunteers

- 8 Approached sponsors & partners:
Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM)
YB Hannah Yeoh’s office
YB Fahmi Fadzil’s office
YB Lim Yi Wei
YB Rajiv
YB Zuraida
IPD Sentul
Agathians Shelter Home PJ

- 3 Current Partnership:
YB Rajiv - ADUN Bukit Gasing, Selangor ·
Rumah Perlindungan Safiyyah ·
Jawatankuasa Penduduk Ampang

Visualization of our efforts


What we Hope for

Future Impact

This project can be a total game-changer for educators and volunteers and a paradigm shift to the local tuition industry. We also solve the issue of shelters not getting educators by providing educators with exciting bonuses for their community service.
Our next steps are to:
- Upgrade Rumah Safiyyah School
- Start EduSmile Registration
- Compile Database of Educator/Volunteers and Partnered Shelters
- Execute Digital Marketing Campaign
- Raise Additional Funds

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