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Talent Developing Society (TDS) provides proper incentive and inspiration for the pursuit of scientific and creativity knowledge in vigorous way by broadening their general outlook. We provide opportunities for bringing students close to the society and to acquaint the people with the services and contribution of the creativity in their life.

The Design Challenge

Design a solution to help TDS’ students solve this litter problem at the hiking trails in a frequent and scalable way.
TDS is driven to inspire and educate students, especially from low income households, in the area of science, creativity and environmental knowledge. TDS run multiple activities centred on education, skills equipping, environmental awareness and student counselling. Most activities are done on Fridays as they do clash with the national school curriculum. Many students benefited from TDS’ work to the point it has received recognition and accolades from various schools, bodies and organisations.
TDS runs a Duke of Edinburgh programme that focuses on environmental awareness in which is normally held twice a year either in Bukit Serayan (Kedah) or Cerok To’ Kun (Penang). TDS aims to change lifestyles of current students, where they find entertainment in technology, mainly smartphones. Thus, their student participants are taught about preserving our environment through clean-ups, recycling and up-cycling. Nonetheless, when students hiked these trails, they are upset to see rubbish indiscriminately thrown by hikers and trail visitors in contradiction of their values towards the environment.

The 'A' Team: AVENGERS

Lim Shi Hui

The Proposed Solution

The main objectives of our project are to create awareness on the cleanlines of the hiking trails to Kulim community, to develop skills on making Ecobrick among TDS students and to attract awareness of public on the needs of TDS.
First, we will create a social media page, e.g. Facebook page, for the use of Hashtag Challenge. The social media page will keep update on environmental issues especially in Kulim community. The first batch of volunteers targeted are the hikers. We will organize a hiking programme with TDS students to introduce this challenge activity to the hikers. The hiker who interested to our programme will register with our system, which we will record their general information. The procedure will be the volunteer collect trash, sending it to the recycle centre that we selected, the staff of recycle centre will inform TDS on the amount of trash that the volunteer have collected. TDS will keep it in record and the volunteer may redeem his/her points from TDS in form of voucher. The voucher can be used in the shop that we selected, which we will find sponsor for the reward. TDS students are encouraged to join this clean-up activity as their community service which is one of the requirements to pursuit Duke of Edinburgh Award. This hashtag challenge is to influence and spread awareness among Kulim community whereby the reward system is to encourage the participation of volunteer and make this preservation effort more sustainable. The first batch of volunteer will be focused on hikers and slowly spread this programme to the local community.
Second, besides of collecting trash, we will having classes with TDS students. In the classes, the students will learn the knowledge about 4R concept, Ecobrick and Ecocraft. Both Ecobrick and Ecocraft are made up of plastic waste. TDS students will learn how to upcycle the plastic waste to make an Ecobrick which can be used for construction, e.g. giant flower pot. The flower pot can used for gardening, where students can learn gardening skill. Besides of Ecobrick, the plastic waste that we collected can be washed and use for handcraft. In this activity, TDS students can develop their art and creative skill by using these plastic waste. This method is a good solution for plastic waste problem rather than throwing it to landfill sites.

How We Did It?

Game Plan

Phase 1 | Planned Activities

1.0. Activities:
We intend to meet up with TDS owner and students to brief about our project. We will design a Facebook page for Hashtag Challenge and a system to record the points collected by hikers. We are also to organize a hiking programme with TDS to meet up with the hikers. We will introduce to them the Hashtag Challenge, Rewards and encourage them to join us by register with our Facebook page. We will deal with the local business to get sponsor for the rewards. We will also have a 2-days class with TDS students to share about environmental issues, 4R knowledge and Ecobrick concept.
Aim to have at least 10 volunteers to register with our Hashtag Challenge.
Aim to have the Facebook page to publicity our project and get attention from hikers.
Aim to get sponsors for reward.
Aim to collaborate with recycle center. Aim to create awareness and share knowledge with TDS students.
Aim to guide students on how to make Ecobrick.
Finally, we also aim to clean the environment of hiking trails.

Phase 1 | Actual Deliverables
22 June 2019

Phase 2 | Planned Activities

2.0. Activities:
Follow up the Hashtag Challenge and Facebook page management. Make at least 2 Ecobricks. Collect Ecobrick and start to use it for construction. For example, a big flower pot, table or chair.Use the product of Ecobrick, for instance flower pot, to plant vegetables.
Aim to have more volunteers to clean the hiking trails by create a Google form calling for participation.
Aim to expose TDS programme to the community by create Facebook page with environmental related information.
Aim to practice 4R concepts.
Aim to develop gardening skill among TDS students.
Aim to encourage TDS students with the agriculture products.

Phase 2 | Actual Delivarables
20 July 2019

To contact and address complains to local government departments regarding littered hiking trails.
To collaborate with Trash Hero volunteers and set up a weekly cleaning schedule.

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Progress Summary

What we did in 6 Months

Project Outcomes

Our KPIs


Cleaned the Bukit Seraya successfully:
- 2 days hiking in Bukit Seraya
- 20 students
- 12kg of trash collected
Ecobricks workshop for TDS students:
- 25 students participated
- produced around 20 ecobricks
Partnership with Trash Hero
- Bukit Seraya is listed in their cleaning schedule.

Visualization of our efforts


What we Hope for

Future Impact

We plan to systemize ecobricks production by TDS students and establish strong connections with related organizations to help TDS increase and support the potential of their students.

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