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EcoSwed is a social initiative that aim to help improving socioeconomic level of local community by empower them to establish community based ecotourism in Setiu Wetland, Terengganu. We provide support, technical advice, training and capacity building for local community to operate real ecotourism services and promoting conservation in this area
More than that, EcoSwed provide a platform and one stop center for those who interested to explore Setiu Wetland, helps connecting you with the beautiful, uniqueness, and the miracle of this hidden gems of Terengganu. We engaged you directly to the local community and help facilitate your journey towards experiencing Setiu Wetland.

The Design Challenge

Design a solution to boost Setiu Wetland’s ecotourism in a consistent and sustainable manner that helps the economic status of its community.
Setiu Wetland is the largest coastal wetland complex on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is beautiful and truly one of the hidden gems of Terengganu. EcoSwed, based in Setiu Wetland, is a social initiative that aims to improve socioeconomic levels of the local community by empowering them to establish community-based ecotourism. They provide support, technical advice, training and capacity building for the local community to operate ecotourism services that ultimately promotes conversation of the wetlands. EcoSwed also works to bring in visitors and tourists into Setiu Wetland to sustain this ecotourism initiative.
However, many are unaware of Setiu Wetland. Often times, it is overshadowed by the more popular tourist spots in Terengganu. Hence, ecotourism activities at Setiu Wetland are seasonal and inconsistent. At times, EcoSwed’s public activities have poor turnouts.

The 'A' Team: FANTASTIC 4

The Proposed Solution

Fantastic 4 team has proposed an apps which incorporated with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) tools in order to promote more visitors to Setiu; as well as to boost the economic status among the local people. This apps will be useful to visitors who intend to visit Setiu and expose themselves to the real-world environment. This apps will also attract those who love nature and they could possibly anticipate themselves with what Setiu offers them. This apps provides a nice user flow with first-hand information through one-code scan at selected checkpoints around Setiu. User gets to scan the QR-code with the phone to experience the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) contents. The scan of QR-code in AR and VR tools will redirect targeted user with no efforts. Such tools will be incorporated in the apps for selected check points along the Broadwalk of Setiu. For instance, at the mangrove area along the Broadwalk of Setiu. This will be of great help if they receive a big number of visitors at a time (approximately 20 visitors at a time). The incorporation of AR and VR tools in the apps will be reached out to initiate the apps function and to receive feedback. The established apps will be tested at the real environment and the aim to have an increase of visitors coming to Setiu will possibly be achieved.

How We Did It?

Game Plan

Phase 1 | Planned Activities

A pilot survey on the existing ecosystems at Setiu Wetland will be carried out. Brainstorming of ideas among team members on how to implement the whole project will also be discussed to construct the storyline for the apps development. The team will also be conducting small discussions to investigate and to finalize all necessary documents prior to commencement of the 3-months project. The team will also reach out to people around Setiu or Terengganu who are willing to be part of the volunteering work. Other than that, arrangement with IT experts/volunteers and brainstorming on the development of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) tools incorporated in the apps will also be carried out.
– Aim to design and to decide the features of the apps.
– Aim to select one ecosystem out of 9 existing ones around Setiu to be focused for the 3-month project.
– Aim to achieve at least 10 check points at selected ecosystem in Setiu for the development of apps.
– Aim to get volunteers for video and photo capturing to be incorporated in the apps.
– Aim to generate the apps content and storyline.
– Aim to consult for advice from IT experts in developing the apps.

Phase 1 | Actual Deliverables
21 April 2019 to 30 June 2019

A visit to Boardwalk of Setiu was planned in the 3rd week of June to capture videos/images, however, due to bad weather, plan was canceled and rescheduled to July. Date and time are yet to be confirmed. The storyboard for the apps was also designed. Several quotations were requested from potential apps developers, however, most of developers demand for price beyond the allocated budget.
A meeting with mentors (Aya and G) was scheduled on the 25/06/2019 via a video call. After the meeting, several amendments were taken into consideration. Mentors have shared their constructive ideas on the project. Some of the ideas are:
1) Team was advised to create a website rather than an apps. Team has agreed to the idea, as website will not take longer time that an apps does.
2) Team has to search for a website developer who can create a website within the allocated budget. Team has made prompt survey and currently has two person who can help with the website. Decision has yet to be made, a short briefing with the potential person will be done as soon as possible.
3) Team is required to submit the storyboard for the apps (initially created for an apps) and also example of 360 video captured using the 360 camera (as shown in Figure 2).
4) Mentors have suggested the team to cancel the plan of buying stabilizer for the 350 camera as it will not be needed after the project ends.
5) Mentor (G) have shared his knowledge on AR and team has better understanding after the sharing session.
All constructive ideas/feedback were noted and further amendments will be carried out.

Phase 2 | Planned Activities

The team will carry out a brainstorming session to finalize on the incorporation of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) tools for selected check points along the Broadwalk of Setiu. Another preliminary survey will be carried out by the team members and volunteers to capture 360º images and videos of activities conducted at selected ecosystems. The best images and videos will be selected and arranged based on the storyline discussed earlier during the brainstorming sessions. A pre-run test of the AR and VR tools will be performed to observe the efficiency of such tools.

– Aim to develop the prototype of the apps.
– Aim to capture at least 10 of 360º images for each selected check points along the Broadwalk of Setiu for the development of AR and VR tools.
– Aim to record at least 2 videos of surroundings/activities at each selected check points along the Broadwalk of Setiu for the development of AR and VR tools.
– Aim to have the AR and VR running in the earliest stage.
– Aim to estimate how many number of users downloading the apps.

Phase 2 | Actual Delivarables
1 July 2019 to 31 July 2019

2.1. Record 360º images and videos of activities conducted at 2 selected ecosystems.
2.2. Development of website content and launching of VR videos

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Progress Summary

What we did in 6 Months

Project Outcomes

Our KPIs


- Full cooperation with the impact partner
- 3 VR 360 videos are recorded and posted on the website and YouTube
- Developed website (https://jomsetiu.netlify.com/)

Visualization of our efforts


What we Hope for

Future Impact

This project can help to increase the visibility of Setiu and boosting their local socio-economy. This small project will also help in minimizing the manpower especially during the briefing to the visitors. We may save up a lot of time and some of the manpower can be utilized for other job scopes such as running the Wetland School and the module content.

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