Food Waste Recycling: An Awareness Campaign

The Social Impact Organization

Worming Up

WormingUp aims to bring an end to food waste. There are four keys in the projects which are awareness on food waste issue to the local Kuching community, donations of surplus food to the needy, recycling food waste using composting and upcycling food waste into high quality bio-protein by using the fly technology that brought in from overseas.

The Design Challenge

Design a solution that makes it easy for businesses/workers to segregate their organic waste with minimal impact on how they operate
1/3 of food produced globally goes to waste. This contributes about 8% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, causing climate change.
Worming Up runs an organic waste-reduction plant to help solve this by composting food waste from businesses using maggots. This, in turn, creates plant fertilisers and high-protein animal feed. However, these businesses (hotels, hawkers, F&B outlets) do not segregate their food waste properly – often mixing in non-perishable wastes in the designated bins.


Tasnim Mohd Taib
Esther Kana anak George Kana
Charmaine Yeap Xun Fang
Iskandar Danial bin Zulkarnin
Iskandar Danial bin Zulkarnin

The Proposed Solution

Dark Phoenix intends to make an awareness of the benefit
of food waste management among small business holders especially food vendors and also
students in universities and schools where one day we would collect funds to run a game
application that tackles on food waste among the community.
Use social media outreach to spread the awareness. Improve online presence via social
media outreach. Gathering
more information about food waste habits among food vendors and students to work on a
system to help in the apps that Worming Up is handling. Work on
the SOP with Worming up towards positioning the apps better by
improving the functionality of the apps and also to grow the Hero community which assist
Worming Up with their food waste collection.

How We Did It?

Game Plan

Phase 1 | Planned Activities

Campaign awareness preparation.
1. Designing 12 info-graphics on
environmental and waste
management issues.
2. Designing 3 info-graphics banner on
waste station, campaign and final
3. Planning and proposing
environmental and waste
management module at District
Education Bureau and local district
4. Planning and proposing final event
to evaluate and measure progress.
5. Synchronizing plan with Worming Up
prospected outcome.

1. 12 info-graphics on environmental
and waste management issues.
2. 3 info-graphics banner on waste
station, campaign and final event.
3. Environment and waste
management module for secondary

Phase 1 | Actual Deliverables
23, 30 June7, 14, 21, 28 July4, 11, 18 August28 June &28 JulyJune-July 2019June-July 2019June-July 2019

Phase 2 | Planned Activities

To run awareness campaign
1. Publishing weekly graphics on
environmental and waste
management issues.
2. Boosting online shares for 4
selected graphics.
3. Introducing and promoting waste
station and initiative managed by
Worming Up.
4. Organizing environmental and waste
management module.
5. Informing, marketing, planning and
organizing final event.
1. 9 school programs on environment
and waste management.
2. 1 day mini carnival in environment
and waste management – crowdfunding
run, Worming Up initiative
promotion and practical waste
management exhibition.
3. Collection for Worming Up
application development.
4. Collection for better waste
management in the area.

Phase 2 | Actual Delivarables
2, 9, 16, 23, 30July & 6, 13, 20,27 August30 July &30 August3 July10, 17, 24, 31July & 7, 14, 21August25 August

To run an awareness campaign

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Progress Summary

Esther – Meeting with Jeff to update with progress and current activities. Aligning with Worming Up to come down to schools to brief on Worming Up initiative in managing food waste. Contacting and researching on virtual run; how to conduct the virtual run, the cost and pricing as well as the flow from registration to payment to confirmation of run and delivery of promised goods. Surveying run medals and t-shirts, calculating the cost and projected income. Charmaine – Collecting progress from each member, writing up report and following up with prospected schools. Tasnim – Communicating with DUN Kota Samarahan Office, Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri, Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah and Schools to introduce the campaign and proposing the workshop. Following up with schools to determine the date and time slots for school events. Communicating with representative teacher to obtain the number of participants, venue of activities and needed tools for the activities that the schools will have to prepare. Iskandar – Designing info-graphics, campaign banner and dump station banner. Creating and managing FB Page and Instagram account.

What we did in 6 Months

Project Outcomes

Our KPIs


- 2 corporate partner
- 2 collaborations
- 8 schools impacted
- 7 eco-bricks innovations
- 10 eco-bricks designs
- 10 graphic designs produced
- 12 teachers empowered
- 406 students reached
- 9 volunteers

Visualization of our efforts


What we Hope for

Future Impact

- school intervention in environmental initiatives
- community aware of proper food waste management
- better waste management
- next city initiative
- quarterly awareness program
- 1 university partner
- 1 primary school
- 2 residents workshop
- 4 pre-school workshop
- 90 days virtual run

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