YSEALI Bootcamp: NGOHub

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YSEALI Bootcamp: NGOHub

YSEALI Bootcamp: NGOHub

What compelled you to participate in the Bootcamp?

NGOhub is compelled to participate in the Bootcamp because we are eager to listen and discover the wonderful ideas and new approach in solving our problem from the perspectives of creative youth. 

Looking at the winning team's solution, how do you think this approach will help you address the problem at hand? (How would it be different from other solutions you have tried?)

The winning solution is to encourage the usage of E-Wallet in getting the donation to NGOs. We in NGOhub has always wanted to try this approach but we are in shorthands. Looking at the nature of crowdfunding that is very risky and uncertain, we are always welcoming innovative and creative approaches for the sole purpose of getting more donations to NGOs so that the NGOs can do so much more with their beneficiaries. We have tried many approaches before and so works some doesn’t work. So to be able to work with these brilliant minds is an avenue for us to yet try another approach in crowdfunding.

What was your experience like in the Bootcamp?

The experience is amazing! It is always fun and eye-opening to see new creative ideas came from the perspective of youth. All ideas during the Bootcamp are amazing but unfortunately, we can only choose one winner 🙁

During the 2 days Bootcamp at University Malaya, the energy was amazing and very positive. We do feel touched with the effort showed by all teams in producing good high-quality ideas.

Even after the Bootcamp, the winning team is still committed to working together with us and Positive X in implementing the winning ideas.   

What do you hope to see more from your community?

We hope to see:
The NGOs in Malaysia really leverage the power of crowdfunding to sustain their NGOs.
Malaysians started to realize and adopt the concept of an online donation and supporting high impact community projects.

Any advice for people hoping to get into community/social work?

We always welcome and in fact, we are delighted if more people started to get into community/social work. Volunteers are always welcome to help NGOs and together we can upscale the NGOs in Malaysia. After all, the aim is always to serve more beneficiaries with good quality project and making Malaysia a better Malaysia 🙂
There are many avenues to do social work or volunteerism. Always do research on your beneficiaries and the needs of the community before implementing any projects with them. 

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