YSEALI Bootcamp – Etania Schools

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What compelled you to participate in the Bootcamp?

Biji biji helped in the past and we often talked about skills training so the school graduates could earn an income in society . This was a golden opportunity to help the stateless children get training. 

Looking at the winning team's solution, how do you think this approach will help you address the problem at hand? (How would it be different from other solutions you have tried?)

its already implemented in school and the students are very excited. We use several programmes like this all successful. Some are computer literacy . We have seeing and handicraft . This program provides a new choice for the children. 

What was your experience like in the Bootcamp?

The enthusiasm of all the participants n their creativity n desire to help was inspiring for me . It’s real support for our students. Any advice for people hoping to get into community/social work?

What do you hope to see more from your community?

sustainability. I want families involved in the learning process and in skills training. Parents can learn too. 

Any advice for people hoping to get into community/social work?

B​e committed and consistent . Sustainability is a big area. I prefer long  term projects where relationships can be built and children understand there are people who care for them in the community. 

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