Who We Are

Me.reka is an innovative and alternative education space. By removing all barriers to designing and making, we teach students and professionals to excel in the industries and businesses that will shape the future of Malaysia.

Me.reka provides access to tools, technology and experts. Using highly collaborative and immersive methods, we sharpen the skills that students and professionals need to flourish in our rapidly changing world. All of us must learn to adapt to evolving industries; all of us must play our part in solving complex and global problems.

The ecosystem at Me.reka brings together students, professionals, communities and makers, and connects them to real projects and income-generating opportunities. Together, we build sustainable solutions and realise our potential.

The Founding: PitchIn Campaign

Me.reka was created in response to a growing demand to change our education. Many people feel that we need to approach education differently, so that we can all be better inventors, leaders and changemakers. Me.reka rose to that challenge.

Me.reka was launched through an equity crowdfunding campaign. In 2018, shares were issued to more than 120 investors, with investment amounts ranging from as little as RM1,700 up to RM200,000. Support came from near and far, rich and poor. Today, Me.reka is owned by that diverse group of people who are united by a shared vision: better education for all.

The Me.reka Mission

Me.reka provides an alternative way to nurture creativity in STEAM-centric education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) ingrained with principles of sustainability. Me.reka was set up to remove all barriers to designing and making. It is a space with access to industry experts, state-of-the-art tools and educational modules. Me.reka is where we mix the sciences, arts and people together to allow everyone to invent and learn.

Why Me.reka?

Me.reka is fully equipped with a wood and metal workshop, electronic lab, textile studio, design studio, virtual reality facilities, co-working space, and a cafe. Open to people from all walks of life, from students, young adults to hobbyists and creative makers, Me.reka helps participants creatively explore sustainability. We nurture talent for the industries and businesses that will shape the future of Malaysia. To be successful you do not need to be an expert in one field; but rather an agile learner who is able to integrate their understanding of multiple fields into their work. 

Me.reka does exactly that, teaching the skills of the future, to prepare youths for the demands and opportunities of the 21st century. This unique approach will build a talent pool that is resourceful, engaged and informed enough to take on the challenges of our future.

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