Mother’s Day Special : Keychain Pouch

Throwback to your childhood with these adorable handmade pieces. Sew your very own stuffed doll or turn it into a cute keychain. We recommend making animals with buttons, zippers and strappers but most importantly we want you to have a ton of fun.

Garden In A Bottle Workshop

Some of us may not always have the space to create a large, lush garden. Using a plastic bottle, we’ll show you how to make a low maintenance pot for your plants. This workshop will definitely start you on your path of being a gardener.

e-Waste Jewellery Workshop

Turn your e-waste into a unique piece that you can wear. These unique jewellery pieces are sure to turn heads.

Upcycled Tote Bag Workshop

Cloth bags are good, but Tote bags are better. Why? Tote bags, like the ones we’ll teach you how to make are more sustainable to produce and they are super fashionable.