Me.reka 101: Virtual Reality

The discovery workshop serves as an introductory and exposure to the fundamentals of virtual reality. Participants will also be making their very own Google Cardboard and test it out with mobile phone – compatible VR software. By the end of this session, learners would be bringing home their very own Google Cardboard along with the … Read more

Me.reka 101: Microbits

This course will explore the science and art of computer programming using the BBC MicroBit, and the MakeCode visual programming environment from Microsoft. Participants will learn about concepts such as loops, variables, sensors, actuators, conditionals, and Bluetooth radio through a series of fun projects as well as using Design Thinking as their project requirements. By … Read more

Me.reka 101: Digital Literacy

On top of language and numerical literacy, people today need digital literacy. In this 101, learners will be taken through the basics of how to communicate and project manage using online tools. They’ll be introduce to basic skills required to navigate the world wide web and the importance of privacy, security and assessing the credibility … Read more