VR Lab

Staying true to 21st Century skills, this is our lab of the future where art and science go hand-in-hand. Virtual Reality is innovative and exciting, allowing new interactions with the world around us. It takes us to unseen places and gives us a glimpse of what the future holds.

Where would you go? Travel to the International Space Station or Machu Pichu, understand how engines work, or design a world of your own. VR is a platform that bridges interactive design, content creation and gaming; at Me.reka, you can find all the tools to get you started!

Travel and experience while staying put, Virtual Reality is the pinnacle of 21st design, content creation and human + computer interaction. Travel to the International Space Station, understand how an engine works or illustrate and design worlds in the virtual dimension. Combining art and science, the possibilities are endless and bound only by your creativity!



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