Flex 1

Me.reka’s multipurpose spaces are specially designed to cater for both private and public events. These spaces are open-concept, with options to be cordoned off with the movable hoarding boards. The Flex spaces have a raw and neutral design, providing endless possibilities for all types of event and activities, with unlimited branding opportunities.

What can you do?

With up to 1,800 sq ft of floor space to play with, the types of events and activities that can be held in the Flex Spaces are limitless. Think small and cozy with a movie screening or book reading, with beanbags and/or low, comfortable seatings.

Go big with events like an album release, product launch, music gig or theatre. You also have the option to run your own educational workshops and classes, catering to all ages and background. We at Me.reka do not like to limit ourselves, and wish you the same!

These flex spaces are equipped with basic sound, light and projection system, with loose furniture and event fittings, providing you with the freedom to arrange the space as you wish. Bring your own furniture, or choose from our variety of upcycled furnitures.

Why is it important?

Green & Sustainable Events

The beauty of renting out our Flex Spaces for your events is that you get the option to have your events managed and organised by our dedicated Sustainable Events team. We will help you promote a green event for your brand, as you demonstrate your support for being environmentally and socially ethical. Services from the Sustainable Events team include, and are not limited to, consultancy on green events, provision of alternative, eco-friendly solutions to perishables, engagement with preferred communities-in-need, sustainable and upcycled custom builds/installations, and much more.

As awesome as these Flex Spaces are, do not limit yourself to this only! Got a bigger crowd to cater for? Make sure to check out the other Me.reka spaces!

Who is it for?

Absolutely anybody who needs to use a space to run an event in Kuala Lumpur! Just gives us a ping on the chatbot below!

Future Careers

Huddle Package (1 room)

  • Half day @ RM900
  • Full day @ RM1500

Exclusivity Package (Full Space)

  • Half day @ RM4500
  • Full day @ RM6000


  • Weekday rates from 20% – 25% discounts
  • Special rates (30% discounts): NGO, Startup, Student bodies, Social Enterprise
  • Half day, up to 6 hours (including setup and teardown)
  • Full day, up to 10 hours (including setup and teardown)
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What can you make at the Flex 1 ?

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Who are our Flex 1 experts?

Flex 1 Services

  • Tables and Chairs
  • Whiteboard
  • Projection System
  • Sound System
  • Google Chromecast 3*
  • FREE WiFi
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Various rent-able furniture types
  • (*) Projection files must be in Google Cloud

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Have an idea but don’t have time to DIY? We can sort it out for you too! Come in with your sketch, blueprint, or an idea you pulled out of thin air, and we’ll make it happen. We have a full range of services available from woodworking and welding to circuitry and fabricating.

Share design details, material requirements, challenges and anything else you would like us to know.

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What's on at the Flex 1?

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