Textiles Lab

Huddle Package : Half day RM 900, Full day RM 1500

Exclusivity PACKAGE : RM 4500, 6000


Weekday rates up to 20% – 25% discounts
Special rates (30% discounts): NGO, Startup, Student bodies, Social Enterprise

Half day, up to 6 hours (including setup and teardown)
Full day, up to 10 hours (including setup and teardown)

Meeting corners : Half day RM400, full day RM 700

Meeting Corners for 15 pax and below
Weekday rates up to 10% discounts

Special rates (30% discounts) : NGO, Startup, Student bodies, Social Enterprise

Half day, up to 6 hours (including setup and teardown)
Full day, up to 10 hours (including setup and teardown”

The Textile Lab will inspire the designer in you! Enter the world of ethical fashion and make a positive impact on the environment by adopting sustainability principles to your designs. If you are looking to stay fabulous, while minimising environmental impact, this is the place for you.

 You are most welcome to learn the basic foundation on how to use an industrial sewing machine and pattern-making specially guided by our expert trainers. Individuals would be actively participating throughout the design classes to experience the flow of the production chain. We will be having talks and sharing sessions with industry experts and leaders to have a better understanding of the fashion world and dive into the real life experiences and knowledge.





Available Equipment

To equip the lab we provide tools and machinery that encompasses a wide range from basic sewing kits to industrial sewing machine. Other machines such as overlock machine, and embroidery machines will be catered for custom design where individuals get to express their creativity.

Textile Lab Machines

We provide tools and machines for people of all levels, from sewing kits to industrial sewing machines, overlock machines and embroidery machines.

  • Industrial sewing machines

An industrial sewing machine provides you with efficiency once you have mastered the basic domestic sewing machine. The robust external motors provide you with the capability workhorse in manufacturing. Unlike the local machine, an industrial machine is durable and can run for an entire working day with recurrent high-speed usage. At Me.reka Makerspace, we provide you with that experience once you feel comfortable and ready to level up. The machine that we will be offering belongs to a well-known, and reliable brand from Japan named JUKI. The model that we have in our workshop is a high-performance single needle, constructed of aluminum die-casting to ensure industrial-quality sewing.


  • Portable Sewing Machine


A portable sewing machine provides sewing enthusiasts with the fundamentals and flexibility on sewing. Keeping versatility in mind and catering to DIY projects such as upholstery, dresses, curtains, etc. Machines like this can perform a variety of stitch types. However, adaptability when it comes to accommodating fabric types won’t be so forgiving. At Me.reka we provide you with the experience of learning the fundamentals on sewing and fulfilling some of your DIY project wishlists. The machines offered are from a historic brand in sewing name Singer. The Singer model 1306 is a compact and sturdy machine ideal for beginners.

  • Overlock Machine

An overlocking machine also known as a serger is specially design to join the edges of one or two pieces of fabric with an overcast or an overlock stitch and cut off the seam allowance as it sews. The overcast creates locks around the seam to ensure that fabric edges won’t unravel with a professional-looking finish.


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