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The Problem

Hundreds of thousands of citizens across Malaysia are risking their lives every second on the front lines to help minimize Covid-19. The lack of face shields exposes these individuals to the virus and increases the possibility of further spreading the virus to others. Face shields alone do not provide 100% protection, however, when used with N95 or surgical masks the front liners receive full-face protection. The estimated need for this equipment is up to 40,000 units per month per hospital.

Police officers, military, volunteering personnel, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, screening officials, cleaners and many more heroes are playing a part in making sure the country stays safe. It is our duty to return the favour. How are we going to do that?

The Solution

The sheer number of requests that we received for PPE’s lead to the realization that we alone would not be able to support all frontliners across Malaysia.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”Our solution is simple. Engage our community and activate our collective potential.

A decentralised platform allows for numerous partners to join together in a network of communication and collaboration, whereby all members are able to leverage from each other’s resources, knowledge, expertise and tools to ensure communal impact.

We alone do not have the capacity to provide for the whole country, however, through strategic communications and the collaborative mindset of the Malaysian maker movement and their motivation and drive, the whole country can mobilize to ensure our front liners are well equipped.

I'm a COVID-19 Frontliner

Are you in need of PPE equipment to protect yourself and others during this time? Let us know and we will do our best to serve you.

These are the current orders we are working to fulfil. If you are a maker and able to safely support this effort, please register below. All design files are available for free.

Makers & Machines

If you are also producing emergency PPE equipment for frontliners, please register now so we can coordinate efforts! We are already connected to a number of other makers in Malaysia. If you have a machine and the means to producing PPE (such as Face Shields), you will be given the process and designs needed for small-scale manufacturing. We will try to assist with material suppliers to ensure your production runs smoothly. You will also be able to see which orders are outstanding near you, so you can distribute the face shields to the communities in need.

The goal is to empower the vibrant community of makers around Malaysia with the supplies and networks to produce and distribute the face shields effectively in their own communities.

If you are currently producing, please let us know for which hospital in the Order Pledge Form, so we can avoid duplication of efforts.

If you are delivering orders to a hospital, please let us know for which hospital in the Delivery Form, so we can avoid duplication of efforts.


Open-source designs are disseminated without costs to ensure the latest knowledge and information are shared with all, especially the production partners with the machines to produce PPEs.

Increased partnerships and better-sourced materials are reflected in our frequently updated designs. The original laser cut model used simple and accessible resources. By activating the extensive network of makers in Malaysia, we are able to dramatically increase production domestically, be more self-sufficient and fulfil an important need during this time of emergency.

Logistics and Materials

We are only able to make and deliver emergency PPE products because of the tremendous support of our wider community. This includes suppliers of materials and logistics partners.

We are currently looking for the following:

  1. PE / PU / EVA Foam 1 inch thick
  2. Elastic band (3mm round or 12 mm flat type)
  3. Garbage bag XXL (100cm c 100cm above)
  4. Empty Boxes (35cm x 35cm x 45cm and above)


Alternatively, if you have a contact for a Face Shield Manufacturer please reach out to us!​

Material Request Form

If you are producing emergency PPE for our frontliners at home, let us know what materials you need!

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Draft Preliminary Report on our Collaborative Effort on Decentralized Production of PPE for COVID-19 Frontliners

100% of the donation will be utilized for materials and logistics of this campaign.
All labour & production costs to for the face shield will be borne by our production partners.

The Fight Against COVID-19

Biji-biji Initiative and Me.reka, along with its partners Taylors Me.reka Makerspace, Taylors University and Impact Malaysia are joining together to offer a massive relief strategy for those working in the front line fighting Covid-19. 

Based on input from those working in such situations, there is a critical shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), specifically face shields. We have initiated an open-source collaborative effort to create a decentralized production of face Shields for the Covid-19 front liners. Additionally we are currently in the process of rapid prototyping other medical necessities such as patient isolation boxes for treating ‘positive tested’ patients. We aim to mobilise partners across Malaysia to ensure we provide those in the frontlines with the medical necessities that they require!

We must unite in our effort towards a communal impact. Those working in the front lines are risking everything to ensure the virus does not spread. It is our job to assist them and to make sure they are well equipped to keep fighting!

How can corporates support our impact?

We focus solely on creating impact. Our aim is to maximise the human potential and to generate meaningful impact through 21st-century sustainable solutions. This initiative aims to empower the builders, makers, and innovators within our Malaysian communities to come together to form a decentralised solution in creating the Face Shields.

Having a corporate backing would allow us to maximise production capabilities and create meaningful impact across Malaysia. We are looking for strategic partners or clients willing to fund our efforts. This is important. This is relevant. This is now. Join our effort and lead the impact!

Corporate Tax Exemption

All corporate cash donations will be subjected to tax exemption (exact terms and conditions can be found in the letter below). To find out more please reach our finance team

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +60 12-290 8877

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