Hello, Future! Week 4: Things From The Future

Things From The Future

Still writing your dates with 2018 instead of 2019? We are already in the future, so catch up!

Get ahead and prepare to usher in the Year of the Pig by creating unique Chinese New Year gifts such as Piggy Planters, piggy banks, bamboo lamps and customised Angpows!

The future is all about sustainable energy, and what better way to embrace it than by tapping into the resource the power of Sun! Make your own Solar Power Bank and Bamboo Lamps.

Remember to watch out for your future health too – start now by making your own healthy sausages!

Kids are our future, and that’s why you should should sign them up for Chumbaka’s IT programme and Mechanical Engineering for Kids to give them a headstart on their future so that you won’t have to worry about yours!

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Haven’t had enough of Easter? Come and join us this Earth Day Weekend’s workshop with Formventor! Let your kids unleash their creativity and learn how to draw and build their own Easter characters with the 3D Doodle pen =) Sign

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