Hello, Future! Week 2: Fix It!

Fix It!

We’re entering the second week of 2019 - are you still holding onto things in the past?
Welcome change by fixing things up; whether it's upcycling, fixing your habits, or opening your mind to new experiences and perspectives.

In conjunction with International Thank You Day, we will be hosting a Public Potluck dinner and food drive. You can also post notes on our Tree of Gratitude, and create gifts from leftover materials at our Treasure our Trash corner.

Go ahead and start fixing things up – our Kaki Repair, Repurpose, Refashion, and robot repair workshops enable you to repair and fix up items whilst the Clothes Swap lets declutter and refresh your wardrobe. Deepen your knowledge with our documentary screenings: The True Cost and FIXED & REUSE.

Kids especially love tinkering and fixing, enrol them in the Chumbaka After School Programme if they love computing; or the Mechanical Engineering for Kids programme if they are more physics-inclined.

Its not too late to catch up on new year resolutions! Join our Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga classes, as well as Happy Healing Hour to fix you up a healthy body, mind and soul.

Head on to the events’ pages for more details!

Hello, Future! Week 2: Fix It!