February: Sarawak Meets Me.reka!

February: Spring Blossoms, Love Blooms

As springtime brings in the Year of the Boar, we fall in love all over again with Mother Earth and humanity.
You’ve prepped for the year all January, so dive into the action for real kick-off for 2019!

Sarawak Meets Me.reka! (16 - 17 Feb 2019)

After the joyous celebrations of Chinese New Year, its time to celebrate the artistic uniqueness that Sarawak has to offer!
Join the creative people at HAUS KCH as they walk you through wearable art creation!

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Tie Dye Workshop

Thanks to Beyonce and Bieber, tie dye is making a huge comeback as 2019’s hottest spring/summer trend! Get ahead in the fashion world and create your own statement tie-dye wardrobe essential. Kelabit artist Keds will guide you through the entire

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Calligraphy Workshop

Kick-start your calligraphy art journey this weekend! In this introductory workshop, Dhiya Roslan will bring you through the basics of calligraphy and share his pointers on what makes an interesting calligraphy piece. This workshop runs 1pm to 5pm, 16th and

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Explore the field of mechanical engineering and discover how engineers invent, design, and build all kinds of machines – from simple bike locks to complex jumbo jet engines! Design and produce your own projects too – guaranteed to produce many

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