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Your opportunity to build your own Social Enterprise and influence the future of your community is here.

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Why should you apply?

The marginalized Malaysian Indians are deserving of an opportunity to make change in their community. MITRA has formed the Malaysian Indian Youth Accelerator (MIYA) program in order to enable young, passionate and promising entrepreneurs with the key resources and partners to turn their ideas into sustainable businesses.

Innovating an aspiring idea is only the first part of the process. You must also be able to put on the wheels and build upon that idea to create a business. Business Assistance will help you do just that, get from point A to point B, to ensure your idea is sustainable and commercially viable. 

What we are offering?

The Business Assistance allows you the freedom and support to go from ideation to execution. This process involves two key involvements by the program, Mentorship and Business Assistance. 

Business Assistance

We know the hardest part about starting your business is getting the funds to do it. That’s why the Business Assistance will ensure you with a limited resource fund to allow you to make purchases and conduct activities to build your business. Your resource needs will have to be justified in order to be met to ensure your plan is being executed responsible and sustainably. 

3 month Mentorship

The mentorship program will run for 3 months and give the winners the opportunity to partner with key industry players that will assist them in business activities. The best way to grow your business is by learning from others. That is why we will partner you with relevant mentors to insure you get the guidance you need to bring your ideas to life. You will be able to learn from their mistakes gain industry relevant knowledge. Within the 3 months you will be able to build your business and get assistance from the mentor in turning your ideas to reality. You will also have to report back to the mentor and MIYA to ensure you are on track. 

With these two programs we aim to aid your execution by providing feedback, insights and resources so as to help build a self sustaining socially conscious business. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • The requirements needed to be eligible for the Business Assistance is that you must be from the Malaysian Indian community. 
  • Your project must be solving a challenge within your commmunity relevant to the 3 themes of this bootcamp. 
  • Your social business must be able to incorporate ex-offenders in some manner to help them become functioning members of society. 
  • Your team must consist of at least 2 participants, with a maximum of 4 members. Competitive edge will be given to those teams that have ex-offenders in their group. 
  • You must also submit the proposal using the form below. An in depth explanation of all the important sections of the form is provided below to help guide your journey. Do your best to fill out all the necessary details to ensure your spot in the program!

Application Guidelines

Having some trouble ? Check out the manual below.

Application Form

Business Application form
What have you named your innovation or proposed business?
It is not compulsory to have attended the Bootcamp. You are still eligible to apply.
This is an assimilation program to reintegrate ex-offenders back into society. If none of your team members have any prior convictions. You will be paired with someone for the duration of the mentorship period to kickstart your social business
In order to be eligible for the grant, your project must be about solving one of these challenges.
What specific issue are you targeting and how does it affect your community?
Give us a comprehensive summary of your project. What issue are you dealing? How do you plan to solve it? What are you hoping to achieve? How are you going to get there?
What business activities will you participate in? What are the outcomes you are hoping to achieve through these activities? What is your timeline of delivery?
Does your business plan incorporate a collaborative plan with the industry partners that you met in the bootcamp?
How will the ex-offenders contribute and increase the chances of success for your new venture?
What attainable goals do you hope to achieve in the 3 months? How will you utilize your industry partners (Mentors)?
Please complete the canvas by downloading the link here Business Modal Canvas to describe your business plan, and upload the completed Business Model Canvas with your team name and details. Upon completion, upload the completed canvas above
Please complete the cashflow template by downloading the link here Cashflow Template to describe your Business financial plan. This can be based on existing business that you are running, and the projected plans of your new idea. Upon completion, upload the canvas above.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Malaysian Indian Youth Accelerator program by MITRA aims to enable the marginalised youth for the means of creating self sustaining and socially conscious businesses that assimilate ex-offenders and enable them to become positive influencers in their communities. The program aims to identify passionate and hardworking youths to receive a grant of RM15,000 to help kick start their Social Enterprises.

Yes, this program is designed to enable young Malaysian Indians in kick starting their social entrepreneurial careers.

The B40 group refers to a household which receives a monthly income of about RM3000. As of 2016, the average Malaysian household size was 4.1 persons, referring to a group of people (related or unrelated) who usually life together and make provisions (expenses) for daily necessities (food, clothes, rent) together.

We are looking to fund ideas that help solve important issues faced by local communities. The 3 main global issues we aspire to challenge are Circular Economy, Sustainable Urban Community and Workforce of the Future.

  • Circular Economy: The creation of a Circular Economy is vital in our planets survival. The current Take-Make-Waste system is detrimental to our planet and climate and thus, change must be made! We are looking for localized solutions to this global issue to help bring up any business that participates in a zero waste initiative.
  • Sustainable Urban Community: The majority of our planet’s population now live in urban cities. Cities help in putting communities and ideas near each other, contributing to a large portion of a country’s growth and innovation. Consequently cities also account for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, a large amount of which is resulted from supplying resources to urban residents (energy, food, water and materials). gaining access to sustainable food and water is a key factor in ensuring long term sustainability. The aim is to find solutions to help provide key resources such as food and water through sustainable practices to support marginalized urban communities.
  • Workforce of the future: The 21st century has brought countless paradigm shifts in technology and has allowed for a transformation in job structures. A guaranteed job for life is now a thing of the past. It is estimated that 4 out of 5 children entering primary school today will eventually work in jobs that don’t even exist today! Thus in the fast pace ever changing world, it is necessary to be educated on the skills of tomorrow.

Any Ideas pertaining to these themes will be eligible for the grant, we look forward to viewing all your innovative solutions to these real world issues.

No, any Malaysian Indian is welcome to submit their application however priority will be given to individuals who come from marginalized and underprivileged homes so as to help them start a business for themselves to sustain them and their family members.

The accelerator program will equip you with valuable skills and necessary knowledge which will help you in beginning the journey of starting your own business. You will also learn life long skills to help market yourself and better present yourself as a valuable asset to any corporation.

The Business Assistance and Mentorship plan will help you in your business activities for 3 months. After which you are on your own to continue your journey as a Social Entrepreneur! We will do our best to connect you with the right clients and opportunities to help you get started.

Your idea must include a dimension of paid employment for ex-offenders in order to help them become positive contributors to society. You could also incorporate uplifting programs where you teach useful skills and help them in finding job opportunities.

Yes! All Malaysian Indians are welcome to apply, feel free to submit your application and should you be accepted, join us for the pitching at any of the 3 cities that you are able to come to. 

We will not be giving you money directly. However, through Business Assistance we will provide you with the resources, equipment, networks you need to help you get started.

Priority will be given to those individuals who attended the boot camps in either of the cities (KL, Georgetown, Ipoh). If you missed the boot camp however, don’t worry! You can still kick start your social business through our Business Assistance program. The second phase is open to all Malaysian Indians! Apply now till the 3rd of November, and stand a chance to be selected for the final pitch in Kuala Lumpur, Penang or Ipoh!

Yes! You have full control over who you want to be in your team. Your teammates do not have to be from the Boot Camp.

This program is funded by MITRA, a government organization and focuses on empowering Malaysian Indian youth with finding solutions for problems faced within their communities. The program also aims to remove the social stigma around ex-offenders and help them join the workforce.

Registration is open for all applicants until the 3rd of November. After which, we will contact you and let you know if your idea has been selected for pitching!

No it is completely free! Apply now!

The program will be held at Georgetown, Ipoh & Kuala Lumpur

The finale will take place at Me.reka, Publika Shopping Gallery in Kuala Lumpur.

You are welcome to form your own teams during the grant application period.

You might want to bring a laptop and the right attitude! You’ll be provided with printed and digital materials and necessary stationery. 

Transportation will only be provided for finalists to and from the venue of the finale.

Accommodation will be provided upon request. Kindly let us know if you need accommodation in either of the 3 cities. 

Accommodation will also provided to finalists for the finale in Kuala Lumpur. Transportation between the accommodation and venue of the finale will also be taken care of.  F&B will be catered for the duration of the finale.

If your business idea has been selected for Business Assistance then it is highly recommended that you follow through! There is a very good chance that your idea will be selected and you will be on your way to become a Social Entrepreneur! 

However if you truly cant commit then please let us know in advance. 

Thank you for putting in the effort to submit your application. The team will be in touch with you shortly and let you know if your application is accepted or if any other details are required. The final pitch will commence on the 16th of November, you will be contacted before to allow you enough time to prepare!

Don’t worry! Kindly contact Mishal through whatsapp at +60 16-316-8554 she will guide you on whatever it is you need! Just let us know what your concerns are and we will do our best to help you out!

As long as your idea incorporates ex-offenders in some way, it is okay! We will connect you with ex-offenders that are wanting to change their life and meaningfully contribute to society. 

The mentors will be assigned to you based on your industry. We will do our best to find relevant industry partners that you can directly benefit by learning from. For example if you are doing a Food and Beverage social enterprise then your mentor could be Masala Wheels as they have years of experience operating in this industry. Do not fear, it is our job to connect you to the right people. Just apply!

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