The rising of Gig Economy this year raises more concerns about the welfare, security and development provided to this specific group of workforce. The people who participate in the gig economy come from a massive variety of backgrounds. The community includes part-timers who are looking to make some extra money outside of their day job, others are full-time devotees to gig economy who make their living solely from on-demand work.

Managing a freelancer profile or on demand work can be challenging at times. Is it really possible to kickstart a sustainable gig career out of today’s economy? The programme aims to help those who are interested to build a sustainable career as part of the gig economy.
This programme is now open for all youths including graduates or undergraduates looking to kickstart their own gig career.


A series of webinars that are designed hand in hand with practical workshops and activities to upskill your Gig Career.

October – November 2020

Workshop & Forum

 Design your very own canvas to plan ahead your gig career. Get experience sharing and consultancy from experienced Gig.

November 2020

What is so GIG?

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50 Free Vouchers provided by Microsoft to get certified professionally in related skills


Right tools and access to build a sustainable career as a gig worker


Trainings and networking for graduates and working professionals to kickstart gig career

The Organisers

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Get Upskilled

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