Careers of the Future

Had a taste of Me.reka and you’re ready to commit to some serious study? With Future Careers, anyone aged 13 upwards can sign up for our courses ranging from a minimum of 5 classes to 20 weeks of in-depth learning in any of our 10 chosen careers: 

We cater to school, college, and university students as well as the workforce from corporate or governmental organisations. Our hands-on approach to comprehensive learning culminates in an applied final project.

Pressed for time? Consider our Explorer Programmes, condensed versions of our courses! Our signature initiative, the Flagship Explorer, looks into 2 Future Careers in a full-day programme or 1 Future Career in a half-day programme.

Besides that, we have a ‘deep dive’/voyager exploration into new paths such as Virtual Reality Voyager or Rapid Prototyping Voyager.

So, don’t wait for the future, because it’s already here!

Help Protect Our Frontliners Against Covid-19!

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