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Peer to Peer Support Group

The event is finished.


07 Mar 2020


11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Me.reka, Publika Shopping Gallery

About the Event

This NOT a socializing event. This is a support group session.

Peer to peer support group is a safe space for us to share, express ourselves and most importantly to be there for one another.


11am : Get drinks / snacks + warm up
12pm : 5-10min of chill time to get ready for Story sharing
March’s prompts:
These prompts are just to help you guys out to get the ball rolling, you may choose to use or not use it. Use these prompts to have a sense of where you are mentally & emotionally- and you can take the wheel from there on what you would like to share.
  • What is the one thing you have been struggling with these recent weeks/months/years how is it doing for you so far?
  • What was the last good advise you actually took and how did it impact you?

Rules & regulation
1. Conversation stays in the group, unless have received their explicit permission. – Share the story if you think it would help someone out, but not the identity.
2. Be respectful when expressing an opinion.
3. Do NOT belittle or take another person’s experience for granted.
4. Always be mindful of the time so that there is space/time for others to tell their stories too.
5. Avoid the “should have” and “could have” talks.
6. Share stories/experience with the intention to share, not advise.


*Do note that the group is not covered by any legal clause of confidentiality.

**I am NOT in anyway a professional, just a person who wants to support others 🙂

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