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Art Wellness, Power Shots by Virtual Health Angels

The event is finished.


14 Sep 2019


Please arrive 10mins before the commencement of the workshop.
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Me.reka, Publika Shopping Gallery

About the Event

Nutrition and exercise seem to be the buzz words for being healthy and maintaining overall wellness. There are other advice that includes having a good sleep routine, relaxation, and having a good social network.
But, it depends on you. Are you looking for something that is outside the box? 
Somethings that touches your soul…
Well the link between the arts and health and well-being goes back many years. In fact, the use of the arts in health has been increasing for the past thirty years. The “arts” are more than just drawing and painting. It includes music, dance and movement that get you in touch with your inner self, the true you. You don’t need to be an “artist” or a professional “dancer” to benefit from doing these activities. 
The act of being creative is the key and it can help decrease everyday stress and anxieties. Participating in tour workshops can also help with depression, increase positive emotions and, increase in self-love. And, if you co-create art within a group setting, you will form supportive relationships and friendships. Creativity is increasingly being validated as a potent mind-body approach to address a variety of challenges.

We are giving away FREE EXPERIENCE this coming weekend, 14th September and only limited to 20 pax only!

Book your seat NOW before it runs out!

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  1. Oh, I love this programme! Attended a session during the World Startup Festival. The facilitator for this session is really good. I am waiting for her to release the membership passes. It is one of a kind!

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