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Serve As An Expert

Are you someone that’s passionate in a field? Are you looking to share your knowledge with communities around you? Then we are looking for you! We’re always on the lookout for new talent and experts to share their journeys and know how with communities who need them. 

Get in touch with us and lets see how we can work together.

Accelerate Your Startup

We’ve been there. We know it’s a lonely journey but you don’t have to be alone. If you’re a start up with an idea and you’re looking for a support system, we’ll help. 

From grant application to pitching tips, come consult us today and create a less bumpy road for yourselves.

Internships & Mentoring

The job landscape can be scary but fret not! We’re experts in careers of the future and we’re more than happy to help mentor your first steps into the workd of work. 

Apply with us today and be part of the Me.reka group, giving you a network of people that’ll always be there to enrich your lives.

Tell us what you need and we can customise a day for you. Email us!

Volunteer with Me.reka

As a volunteer, you’ll be involved in projects impacting different communities. From refugees to stateless children, our projects span communities and fields, giving you experiences of a lifttime. Are you interested in creating an actual lasting impact? 

Then get in contact with us today and become a volunteer with our workforce.

Help Protect Our Frontliners Against Covid-19!

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