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Build a makerspace

Get us to teach in your school

Develop a module with your teachers

Build A Makerspace

Makerspace ideology is our bread and butter! 

Come consult us on what you need to create your own makerspace! 

We’ll coach you on ideologies, modules and space management, allowing you to create the makerspace of your dreams.

Get Us To Teach In Your School

Our aim is to share our makerspace pedagogy with your students, getting them to design products and allowing them to experience the first steps into entrepreneurship.

Talk to us today about our various modules, from short term workshops to longer term Project Based Learning and find out how we can enhance the learning experience in your schools.

Develop A Module With Your Teachers

We want to empower educators to reach their full potential. With our background in making and your teachers experience in module design, we’re sure to catalyse strong module development in your institution.

Get in touch with us to help develop and share the maker space mindset with your teachers today.

Help Protect Our Frontliners Against Covid-19!

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