Virtual Reality Technology – Very much a Reality at Me.reka

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Mereka Virtual Reality

With a sofa and a TV, this setup might remind you of your living-room – don’t be fooled! You will soon travel across the globe, shoot arrows at your enemy and paint dream-like shapes.

Meet Navin, Me.Reka’s very Own Virtual Realist

Navin (Virtual Reality Trainer)

My name is Navin, I’m 27 and I am the Virtual Reality trainer at Me.reka Makerspace!  I studied advertising and broadcasting, so this isn’t really where i imagined i’d turn up! When I first joined Biji-biji Initiative 4 years ago, I was building furniture. Then, I joined the Electronics Team to help a French Team prepare an art installation for a festival. Then Biji-biji opened Me.reka and now i’m part of Me.reka too!

How did you get into VR?

I was always interested in new technologies! The first time I saw a virtual reality system was at Urbanscapes festival. The first game I played in VR was Paintbrush, which is the equivalent of the “Paint” software available on most computers, but in 3D. It felt like something completely new.

The possibilities of VR are quite amazing! It allows you to experience unimaginable things. You can travel to all kinds of locations, places you’ve always wanted to go – you can even travel to the moon!

How to use VR at Me.reka?

We are currently offering experience-based sessions, where you get to try out the system and several apps. In the future, we will have VR Design, chat and further stimulation. We were approached by someone interested in developing an HR application for job applicants to improve their soft skills before interview.  

What makes our VR experience different from others in Kuala Lumpur?

We provide more than entertainment. Of course, it’s fun, you can play games, but there are other interesting implications. In the future, this technology could solve human problems and allow us to better understand how human beings interact in specific environments.

VR technology is changing so rapidly that it’s good for young people to be regularly exposed to it. Only time will tell if it’s a technology here to stay, but we might as well keep in touch with the current trends.

Me.reka’s Explorer Programme Explorer program helps kids from diverse backgrounds get exposure to VR and the new technology. This is an opportunity they might never have got the chance to experience outside of the Explorer Programme.