What Does the Future Hold for Innovation in Malaysia?

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Is it a co-working space? A tech incubator? Well, actually, a makerspace is about more than being in the same space with other creators. It’s about having access to the specialised tools and talent required to innovate and build creatively. . The other essential ingredient to a makerspace is people; people make the makerspace a community and not just a shared space for using production or manufacturing technology.In the basement of one of KL’s shopping malls, you will find Me.reka, a fabrication facility for novice and  expert makers, entrepreneurs and businesses, to turn any idea and concept into reality. Here, you will find a community of inventors developing new products  – maybe even the next big thing!

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Me.reka Makerspace was founded as the first public-friendly, sustainability-led prototype development centre in Malaysia. We realised there is a lack of makers facilities available for the public to familiarise and train themselves to use simple and advanced makers equipment.Recent developments in technology have removed barriers significantly between an idea and its’ realisation. With the wealth of digital information available online, any maker, inventor and innovator in KL can explore their ideas, develop them further, learn about viable production options and, finally, bring their ideas into the real world.At Me.reka, you will witness a new and fresh approach to making, that clearly has the potential to revolutionise our society in ways we cannot yet fully grasp. The internet, with its’ wealth of freely available information, is an extremely powerful tool to self-educate and build almost anything you want. Couple that with a state-of-the-art facility and we are starting a Makers revolution. This is what we want to do in Malaysia, a country bursting with potential yet lacking the infrastructure to realise this dream.

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Need a 3D printer to build a prototype? You’ll find one available at our makerspace. Have a new idea and need someone to draw up the plans for you? You will find a host of digital design wizards to assist you. Maybe you just want to collaborate with others who are eager to get-together and make something? Discover a growing community at Me.reka Makerspace.If you want to create something, but you don’t have what you need to do it all on your own whether it’s expensive equipment or people power chances are you can do it at Me.reka Makerspace, a home-grown phenomenon changing the game for makers in Malaysia, from entrepreneurs who aspire to start new companies to innovators who want to work in those companies.

The Maker Movement and Startups are made for each other

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In today’s fast moving market, maintaining a low product development cost and short timeline is critical to survival. In the past, anyone could have an idea for a product or project, but turning those ideas into tangible realities depended on access to large and expensive production equipment. Rather than investing hard-to-get funding to capital intensive resources, imagine the time and cost you can save by using community-shared equipment and infrastructure. To us, It just makes sense. If you head a Startup, our Makerspace has the potential to change the future of your company. Our shared resources can give you access to the technology you need to get your idea off the ground and connect you with talented collaborators.You get the idea Well,when you do, you can count on Me.reka Makerspace to help make it a reality.