What Will You Make At Mereka
Do you have great big ideas that you want to turn into reality? If you find yourself intrigued, you’re in luck! Welcome to a space where your ideas become reality. ME.REKA is an innovative and alternative education space that aims to provide an inclusive environment for people from all backgrounds to access state-of-the-art tools, industry expertise and educational programmes.Here’s how we can help turn your ideas into reality! We cater to all levels of experience, from the curious who have never touched a tool to the avid expert hobbyist – we have something for you! We believe that innovation happens through experimentation and collaboration; together, we will develop the best ideas and expand our making possibilities.

Do I need to be an Engineer to join Me.reka?

It’s our belief that everyone has an innate capacity to make and learn. Our space is not built around academic capacity; at Me.reka, your age, economic background or education is no limitation. At ME.REKA, we provide holistic learning experiences through combining the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).Our Fabrication Lab, Electronics Lab, Textile Lab, Virtual Reality Lab and Design Lab provide an array of classes to fit your fancy,

ranging from arts and crafts, wood and metal work, coding and programming, 2D and 3D design, ecology, electronics, IoT ,textiles, fashion design, sustainable design and more!

How do I become a member?

If you are a student or a hobbyist our Basic Membership is perfect for you. At only RM150 per month,  you’ll gain 20% discount on classes, 20 hours of project time in any lab, the ability to book all available tools & equipment, a 1-hour free tool orientation class and high-speed internet access. You’ll also gain 20% discount to operate specialist tools, such as the laser engraver, and 3D printer. If you are a designer or entrepreneur, we would recommend 

our Pro Membership!This membership will provide you with a plethora of benefits including 30% discount on all classes, 30 hours project time + bonus 3 hours event space booking, 30% discount on specialist tools and a 1-hour design consultation session with an expert trainer. You will also get 5-hours free access to design computers, 30 grams free 3D printing filament, 15 minutes free laser engraver job time, 3 guest passes per month, access to mailing address & loading bay for package delivery and locker space.

 You can sign up here:

Do I need to be above 18 years of age?

No. Our Explorer Programme, School Break and Beyond School Programmes are designed to provide youth exposure to 21st Century careers through project based learning. Students will be exposed to fields of Sustainability, Energy, Technology, Product Development, Content Creation, Digital Marketing, Virtual Reality and more. All courses are hands-on and practical, where students actually learn by doing and making! Find out more here:

Is Me.reka only there for education classes can’t i just check it out?

If classes and programmes are not for you and you are just here to gain maker experiences, then fear not! At Me.reka, we have drop-in experiences in Virtual Reality, 3D printing and Laser Engraving.

Mereka Education Classes

Do I need to bring along any equipment or tools to join the classes?

All you need to bring is yourself! While providing guidance and support, Me.reka is also equipped with expert tools to enhance your making experience. For example, at Me.reka Textile Lab, our industrial and portable sewing machines, as well as a variety of discarded materials, including seat belts, banners, discarded felt, scrap leather, designers scrap fabrics, make it easy for you to develop your dream textile or fashion product.

Mereka Fabrication Lab

What if you have some material that you’d like to upcycle?

When joining the Garden in a Bottle class, Multipurpose Hooks Rack and Shoe Planter Workshops (to name a few), bring your unused and discarded material along to receive a discount on the class as you learn to upcycle creatively!

Look no further!

We have tried to make Me.reka as inclusive as possible – there really is something for everyone here! So, if you are a maker looking for the tools and space to make your ideas come to life or simply looking to make new friends, come and join us in a making adventure!